Bitcoin Code Review

With the rise of crypto coins, more and more deceptive platforms are emerging that promise effortless and exorbitant profits. In this article we are going to talk about one that is causing havoc in the community: The Bitcoin Code.

The Bitcoin Code platform

It is a platform that as soon as we saw it, we quickly realized that it was not very reliable, because the lack of information on its website, as well as the presence of fraudulent trading tools, have corroborated the obvious.

Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code is presented as a trading platform where we can make big profits investing in Bitcoin. Since this is a very popular digital currency, this scumbag has taken the opportunity to make us believe that his system is unique and unmatched.

In addition to the lack of information and deceptive resources used to keep all our money, it is also important to note that The Bitcoin Code does not have the backing of any regulatory agency, therefore, it is NOT a secure system so we better put it aside because we do not want to fall into their trap.

The Bitcoin Code platform tries to capture our attention with false promises, making us believe that thanks to its services, we will become gold in record time. But we already know that all this is a lie. To avoid falling into the deceptions of a system like this, we invite you to read this analysis carefully so you can draw your own conclusions.

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Is The Bitcoin Code a legal platform?

It is evident that if we are willing to work with a platform to carry out our operations, one of the first aspects that we must know is the security that this support gives us to be able to invest.

In the case of Bitcoin Code we have had it clear from the first moment, simply listening to its name has already given us what to think, but as we like a job well done, directly, we have gone to the website of the platform, to know it in depth.

“No help/contact information
As expected, we started to look at everything they tell us on the Bitcoin Code website and until the end of it, we didn’t find anything worthwhile.

In this place, there are several links where, supposedly, we will be able to consult help information or contact with some person in charge of the platform to ask for information but this is not the case… the links DO NOT work!

Seeing that the whole website is dedicated only to convince us to register and does not give any other information, nor does it give us facilities to contact someone who informs us or support us, we are already starting to smell very bad.

“In Internet they say that it is a fraud
Then the light bulb comes on and we search the Internet for financial pages where we know they can talk about this system. We have been looking for a while and the only thing we have found is bad news: many blogs related to trading indicate that The Bitcoin Code is an ESTAFA.